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Agronomy Overview

Agronomy is the application of sciences to the production of field crops and the management of soils. Agronomists are concerned with producing food and protecting soil and water resources.

The Bachelor of Science in Agriculture degree in Agronomy is one of the 6 undergraduate fields of study offered within the Division of Plant and Soil Sciences. The Agronomy program at West Virginia University emphasizes crop science—the physiology, production and quality of forage crops. The program also offers a turf emphasis for those students interested in weed science or turf grass management.

Agronomy is one of the areas graduate students in the Division of Plant and Soil Sciences can choose from a thesis or a nonthesis option for a master's degree. The M.S. program in Agronomy provides advanced study in the production of forage crops, management of pastures and protection of soil and water resources. The Crop Science option emphasizes the characteristics and management of soils for growing plants, treating wastewater and reclaiming mined lands and other drastically disturbed sites.

Doctoral level graduate students can pursue a Ph.D. in Agricultural Sciences with an emphasis in Agronomy/Crop Science.